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Olivewood Spatula

Olivewood Spatula

Elevate your culinary experience with the warmth of olivewood – where tradition meets innovation in every flip.

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  • Food safeFood Safe Natural Olivewood
  • Easy Hand Washing
  • High Stain Resistance
    Meet our Olivewood Spatula – the perfect companion for your cookware crew! Designed for flipping, turning, sauteing, frying, and serving. Amp up your kitchen with this sleek and practical addition, crafted to not only elevate your cooking game but also add a dash of style to your kitchen.

    What's Included

    • 31cm length x 6cm width x 2.2 cm height
    • Crafted from 100% natural olive wood

    Care Instructions

    Olive wood, known for its remarkable hardness and naturally captivating beauty, offers a lifetime of durability when cared for attentively

    • Hand Wash only and periodically apply food-safe mineral oil to maintain wood quality and durability
    • Avoid leaving olive wood sitting in water to keep it from cracking
    • Always make sure your olive wood is completely dry after washing it
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